ULTRA - Chilled Pink Lemon

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ULTRA is the newest product line from the makers of the original Lush disposable! ULTRA was designed to stand up to the use of even the heaviest of vapers without missing a beat. Jam packed with 5.1ml of e-liquid and an ULTRA high capacity battery, the device is able to deliver over 1600 puffs before having to be disposed of. This allows our fans to enjoy our lush-ous flavors for longer before having to restock at the store and cuts our carbon footprint by over 50%!

Tasting Notes:

ULTRA comes in ten tantalizing flavors including 5 new flavors and 5 original favorites that are sure to please everyone!

Product Specs:

  • Disposable device requiring No Charging, Maintenance,
    or Cartridge replacement. 
  • 5% Salt Nicotine by volume 
  • 650 mAH ULTRA high capacity internal battery
  • Pre-filled 5.1ml of e-liquid
  • 1600 Puffs of FULL FLAVOR