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The satisfaction your customers demand. Tailored for the UK market.

As menthol and flavored tobacco products become more regulated make sure you can offer your customers a satisfying alternative.

UK Compliant Disposable Vape Products

Our products meet all UK Government regulations and standards while still providing FULL FLAVOR and ULTRA long operating times.

Made to perform

Our products are made to the highest standards.

About Us

Frustrated with the less than premium disposable vapes on the market the founders of Lush Vapor Co. teamed up with industry-leading engineers and flavor scientists to create a disposable vape product that emphasizes QUALITY and FLAVOR.

Lush Vapor Co. focuses on delivering a quality vaping experience from the first puff to the last.

Our prefilled device is simple to use with a direct draw activated system that doesn’t require any complicated settings and our internal, no-charge battery system has become the disposable vape industry standard. We are proud at Lush Vapor Co. to offer a top of the line disposable vape product, full of flavor.

Our devices are crafted with the finest components and feature the most select extracts and flavors to ensure a consistent, high-quality product. Customers love our product because we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and they can taste the difference. Finally, a disposable that lives up to its hype!

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