Q: Most other disposable vapes advertise500 puffs, why does Lush Vapor Co. only have 400? 

A: Our Premium vape product was created to deliver FULL FLAVOR from the first puff to the last. We focus on transparency in quality and performance rather than marketing fluff. So rather than make a claim we can’t back up we decided to stay true to our fans. During testing, our devices delivered closer to 400 puffs versus the 500 widely touted by other brands despite having identical or superior specs to other products in the market.Some other brands may promise more, but we stand behind our product 100%.

Q: Is Lush available for wholesale?

A: Yes! Contact us to sign up for our wholesale portal to gain access to our exclusive wholesale offers and deals.


Q; Where can I find Lush?

A: Try our Lush Locator!